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. there used to be laws against that. the old bank act of 1932. >> i think you can make an argument that there wasn't a sufficiently broad back-up plan. if you look at it this way, in my opinion, there is nobody who's going to be trading. trading was going to be so extraordinarily thin, without having major market participants. what's the point in opening the markets then when you could have some -- there's not a lot of people to deal with it in case something goes wrong. there's a lot of issues about whether or not the market could be bandied around by other kinds of people. >> and you immediate to sneed t here of safety. this is a big storm as we've all been emphasizing here. and the people who would have to go downtown to be a part of the trading prices -- not talking about at the exchange. i'm talking about those trading floors that exist down, if not in zone a, just out of zone a in southern manhattan. they would have to go down there, maybe spend the night, but they would be in a high-risk area and you cannot do that to send a message out there. when on the one hand you're war
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1